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  1. Stories written by Pedo Phil - Mr Double

    28,000 erotic sex stories, new and original content updated constantly since 1996. ... Stories written by Pedo Phil. 100% PURE PEDOPHILIA! NOT FROM CONCENTRATE!
  2. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a Usenet newsgroup for erotic stories created on May 7, 1992 by Tim Pierce as an alternative to pre-existing alt erotica newsgroups.
  3. Pedo Videos | Photobucket

    Browse Pedo pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket
  4. The Lame Stories' Collection - The Pedo-files: Old is Gold ...

    The Pedo-files: Old is Gold. I think this is the first chapter because other stories on this also are coming up. By- shreya1223 and insatiablemoronity (ME).…6-the-lame-stories'-collection-the
  5. The Lame Stories' Collection - The Pedo-files: Principles ...

    The Lame Stories' Collection by insatiablemoronity. The Lame Stories' Collection Table of contents. Sticking my nose into everyone's ... The Pedo-files: Old is Gold…6-the-lame-stories'-collection-the

    lecterns.Baby pedo stories slapdash baby pedo stories damagedd, and the turtles sopping normal temperature in babies fussily hand-picked nuke the non-arrival of their ...…dlwyroglkq/baby-pedo-stories-baby
  7. Popular Lolita Stories - Quotev

    Browse through popular lolita stories and books; or write your own
  8. At 14, it was no “Gift from God”, Trust Me - Daily Kos

    More Stories » More Stories » ... At 14, it was no “Gift from God”, Trust Me. ... He liked to have sex with minor girls; ...…-it-was-no-Gift-from-God-Trust-Me
  9. Oasis | Stories

    Stories . Warning: The ... within the year Katariina would fall head first into Miami’s sex trafficking ... God is really using Traffick Free Pomona and the Freedom ...
  10. ‘Pure evil:’ James Alfred Cooper was the country’s worst ...

    Bedtime stories were sex tales he made up. ... James Alfred Cooper has had many years in prison to consider why he raped and tortured six children.…il-james-alfred-cooper...pedophile
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