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  1. NA-KD

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  2. Free Erotic Stories -

    SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and ... and taking Ruff and Ready, my large one ... fast by a dog was just as good as my ...…t_time/Ruff-and-Ready-(a...

    My First Time Taking the Knot ... I think your female readers will enjoy reading about the first time I allowed myself to take in the knot of a dog's cock. I am a 34 ...…_True_3-some_Stories/P - PLEASURE...
  4. Stories Desired - Home of Over a Thousand Free Erotic ...

    The knot on a dog's penis is shaped like the pergolas and Mongol inspired minarets of Moslem architecture so I ... With both her husband and her dog taking turns, ...
  5. Animal Sex-My First Dog Knot! - Animal Sex Fun

    Animal Sex Animal Sex-My First Dog Knot! My First Dog Sex It wasn’t that long after my first time, I’d let my dog fuck me in all sorts of positions. My favorite ...
  6. Ty'ed Up In A Knot | Sex Stories Post

    Ty'ed Up In A Knot. ... She was wriggling, but the dog was taking his time, licking her and licking her until she finally started to surrender and relax.…l-stories/tyed-up-in-a-knot
  7. Knot At Home -

    Knot At Home: Orgies with dogs stories: ... Five more thrusts and a vagina clamping orgasm later the dog's knot was ... With both her husband and her dog taking ...…with-dogs/Knot-At-Home.html,3
  8. Girls best friend Rex - Fantasies Erotic Stories

    I know writing this story that many of you will not believe me but it is true and this experience really did happen to me. My name is Dawn, I was living with my ...
  9. The First Time - Read Story

    could feel the knot in his cock pressing against my hole. i tried to relax ... when i had seen Samson have sex with a dog it had normally taken about…-story?func=showStory;id=3830
  10. If You're a Bitch, Then Be a Bitch! -

    If You're a Bitch, Then Be a Bitch! ... I just heard this story last night, and ... She never thought of a dog's penis knot.…stories/ifabtbab_h_407_k9.shtml
  11. -> Dog Knot Experiances

    I would be very interested in hearing from people, regardless of sex, on their sexual experiances with dogs where they have taken the knot, or bulb, of the dog.
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