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  1. contortionist on Tumblr

    Find and follow posts tagged contortionist on Tumblr
  2. contortion on Tumblr

    Find and follow posts tagged contortion on Tumblr
  3. Rambling Contortionist

    Im 23 year old contortionist. I laugh, I bend, I love, I cry, and I just live.
  4. Tumblr - Boredom - explained!

    I decided to make this after I saw what tumblr could do. I decided that this could be useful for something in the long run.
  5. Tumblr - DistortedArt

    The Contortionist's Artblog. Ask Stuff. ... thecontortedmind: I wasn’t quite sure what kind of endoskeleton to give her, so i settled on the normal kind.
  6. Stretch for your freedom - on tumblr

    irishashtangi: Heels are so close yet so far - an uphill journey ahead. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #backbend #kapotasana #contortion #asana #yogapose #ashtanga #iyengar
  7. Dance Acrobatics Contortion Gymnastics

    Dance Acrobatics Contortion Gymnastics: ... For Tumblr By Peter Vidani Theme: Papercut. lahero-myhero: asdfghjonjon: iwillmindfuckyou: spaceballs-the-url: ...
  8. Self Contortion

    Matthew. 23. SF Bay Area. My blog I write stuff on it I play in it Me I am it a blog for my girlfriend
  9. Bandoncontortion

    Taken by my beautiful girlfriend Olive Bandoncontortion. My name is Brandon, 19. I'm a computer programmer, app developer, web developer, developer of an ...
  10. I Have Zlata Thoughts.

    Tumblr Zoom. Just because. #wedding #rockleigh #newjersey #nj #bride #fromatoz #askmequestions. May 19 0 nj newjersey askmequestions ...
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