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  1. contortionist on Tumblr

    Find and follow posts tagged contortionist on Tumblr
  2. contortion on Tumblr

    Find and follow posts tagged contortion on Tumblr
  3. Rambling Contortionist

    Im 23 year old contortionist. I laugh, I bend, I love, I cry, and I just live.
  4. Tumblr - Boredom - explained!

    I decided to make this after I saw what tumblr could do. I decided that this could be useful for something in the long run.
  5. DistortedArt

    The Contortionist's Artblog. Ask Stuff. ... Gijinkas i made for an rp blog. I still have a list i wanna make…and still wanna rp but. //shrug
  6. Stretch for your freedom - on tumblr

    Liked Tumblr posts; Ask me anything; Submit; Archive; RSS; ... * Contortion * Yoga * Figure Skating *... Stretch for your freedom (Source: jpd-kaylee, via jpd-kaylee)
  7. Dance Acrobatics Contortion Gymnastics

    dance-acro-contortion-gym. Dance Acrobatics Contortion Gymnastics: A blog about truly the greatest things I have ever experienced. :) ... Tumblr on We Heart It ...
  8. fashion contortion

    fashion contortion pretty girls & house plants home message theme. 310982. 86493. 104306. 1275. 12548. 1521. 385. 2226. 18344. 583 ...
  9. The Contortion Chronicles

    Contortionist [noun] one able to twist his or her body into unusual or extraordinary postures.... home message submit history
  10. I Have Zlata Thoughts.

    You've entered the land of a shorthand version of I Have Zlata Thoughts Enjoy.
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