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    Her chubby little legs and cunny became damp with baby girl wee wee. ... The adorable little toddler needed to be ... If you enjoyed this story, e-mail me. Post A ...

    I had to spread her little cunny lips and see inside. She wiggled a bit. I could see her little clit. ... this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not real life.
  4. Merv the Perv's Stories - Incest Taboo

    Dreaming about my little baby sister's bare cunny and flat chest. ... I am appreciative of any suggestions I get, since I am new at writing short stories.…est/littlesisterthatloves.html
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  8. Loving Daddy - Incest/Taboo -

    My cunny was dripping wet and my release was in the ... Fill my little cunny with your hot ... He was in me so deep that his fat head was shooting straight ...
  9. My Daddy Loves Me Special, part 1, written by daddydoright

    While I was staring at him my little cunny started really feeling all funny and I even felt my panties had a wet slicky ... This story is a work of fiction ...…/authors/daddydoright/mydad1_2.htm
  10. Little Katie's Unforgotten Memories ~ 01 - StorySite

    by Little Katie. part 1. A true story or diatribe . ... "It's okay baby girl, your little cunny is telling me that you love me." He moved down lower and kissed it.…tory/unforgottenmemories~01.html
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