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  1. By Leslie Schmidt - Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

    The Stories of Leslie Schmidt Home. Cute Pussy. By Leslie Schmidt "Cute pussy, huh?" My heart jumped into my throat. I was incredibly embarrassed that he caught me ... Pussy.htm
  2. Loving Daddy - Incest/Taboo -

    Loving Daddy by DoorX ... Fill my little cunny with your hot cum!" ... Tags For This Story. cunny hot – father stared – wave pure –
  3. A Little Sister that Loves by Merv the Perv - Incest Taboo

    A Little Sister that Loves This is a fictional story. It contains matter that involves incestual relations between underage youths. If this type of literature offends ...…est/littlesisterthatloves.html
  4. Daddy Taught Me To Be A Woman -

    Daddy Taught Me To Be A Woman. ... This is a story told to me by Barb, ... I loved it when he took off my panties and played with my tight little cunny.…addyTaughtmetobeaWoman.htm
  5. Loliwood Studios: Child Erotica at its Best - ASSTR

    Child-erotica stories, ... her cunny slit closed between the fat ... She liked this better because the dog could make his cock go in and out of her little cunny ...
  6. And I Got Paid Too (F/g+, ped, 1st, mast, oral)

    And I Got Paid Too. by Thom "Did you want to play with my cunny, Jenny?" I was at my very first babysitting job. When I turned 10 I was able to go to a class at the ...
  7. Teen cunny cum story - Free Videos Here

    Teen cunny cum story, ... Little bitch milks fat Drunk passed out 1 Anita Casting Sleeping Bitch - Millena Luxury blowjob action Pretty Teens Covered With Cum….php?q=teen cunny cum story
  8. Fiction: Little Cindy - getDare Forums

    Fiction: Little Cindy R18: Mature Stories ... They gave it to her. Eight young boys can produce a lot of sperm, and Cindy was wearing about a liter of it by the time ...
  9. My Daddy Loves Me Special, part 1, written by daddydoright

    My Daddy Loves Me Special, part 1 ... He seemed to always notice when I had those panties on for his eyes would stay focused on my little cunny, ... This story is a ...…/authors/daddydoright/mydad1_2.htm
  10. Lensman - Stupid Brother! - ASSTR

    Stupid Brother! (Mg, Cons, Pedo) This story is based on an ... If you like my stories, ... Alicia was amazed at how good it felt to press her bald little cunny ...
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