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  1. Welcome to CnB FemCan Web Site - Portal of Horror Sites

    The FemCan site is about Females with a variety of interests where men are victims. Females seek men out as food or collect trophies
  2. The CnB FemCan Web Site - CnB Horror Fantasies

    Female Cannibal web site is a friendly place in which the subject matter pertains Female Cannibals.
  3. Welcome to CnB FemCan Web Site - Portal of Horror Sites

    Please keep in mind the samples are specially chosen with the possibility that children may access this site so, we are trying to keep the material ...
  4. Site Overview - Alexa Internet - Reviews, Site Info, Traffic Stats and Related Links from Alexa.
  5. Nikki's All Night Diner (Mamabliss's cannibal works)

    I have a link to a femcan site Our Secret Kitchen involving roasting and such, if anyone else has something they want linked here drop me a note.
  6. Welcome to CnB FemCan Web Site - CnB Horror Fantasies

    The Femcan Web Site: Women eating men for food. The Only site like this anywhere!! Since 1998 On Site Samples : Just posted FemCan Amber Lee: In Blood Lust
  7. femcan - is the largest directory of death and extreme fetishes on the web with thousands of real sites organized by category Please browse, comment on and rate ...…simple&phrase=femcan&bigboss=l_0
  8. Our Secret Kitchen

    FemCan - Female Cannibal. You are Born a FemCan, One does not choose. It is some that travels through heritage, it runs in your veins into your heart and is deep in ...
  9. Femcan Pictures - Free Femcan Images Gallery

    Femcan Graphics - Search for Free Femcan Pictures in our Photo Galleries. Find Femcan MySpace Comments for your Profile or Personal Use.
  10. FemCan Food Network - It's More than the Meat!

    femcan food network - it's more than the meat . Buy Shoot/Clips or Join. Carmen Payne. Chazz ... This site is for Adult Entertainment Purposes Only ...
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