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  1. ROIDED MONSTERS — Muscle Freak (morphed)

    Muscle Freak (morphed) Muscle Freak (morphed) Install theme. ROIDED MONSTERS. Muscle Freak (morphed) Mar 2 192 → ← this-blog-is-gay-x3 likes ...…794265/muscle-freak-morphed
  2. Morphed muscle glute freaks - Metabods

    They bragged about their enormous glute size, engaged in blatant display of their freaky striations, ... Morphed Muscle Tit Freaks and Muscle Milk Tit Freaks.…index.php/Morphed_muscle_glute_freaks
  3. Morphs and Muscles

    Morphs and Muscles ... This blog is for muscle-lovers and muscle addicts. ... Can't stop growing muscle morphs. GRRRRRRRRROW! 2 years ago

    Morphed muscle pics that send me into an uncontrolled state of roided-out rage. 1. ultimatemorphs. ULTIMATEMORPHS.
  5. massive muscle morph

    Questions or comments? You can send me e-mail at:
  6. Morphs and Muscles: 133 freaky delts

    Muscles and more muscle, bigger than life. May 22, 2011. 133 freaky delts…33-freaky-delts.html
  7. Massive Muscle Girls: Massive Freaky Female Muscle - Colette ...

    The Massive Muscle Girls Blog, Dedicated to the Big Girls of Bodybuilding. Thursday, January 22, 2009 Massive Freaky Female Muscle - Colette Guimond…assive-freaky-female...
  8. Morphed Cocks & Muscle - Links to Porn Sites - GayDemon

    GayDemon's gay porn site directory with links to sites and blogs featuring morphed muscle and abnormally big cocks.
  9. Morphed muscle tit freaks - Metabods

    These depraved men were abject slaves to huge freaky ass muscles, ... to create your own obscene fantasy images of substantially larger morphed muscle breasts and ...…b/index.php/Morphed_muscle_tit_freaks
  10. 25 Crazy Muscle Freaks – Holytaco

    Most of these guys weren’t muscle freaks, they were synthol freaks. Synthol is an oil you inject into your muscles that bloats them.
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