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  1. Leather Tawse On My Hands - Search by

    Lochgelly Tawse Leather Care. ... giving a tendency for the lochgelly tawse to bounce back and catch your hand or leg if standing very close to your subject. ...…spx//?q=Leather Tawse On...
  2. Govome

    - Leather Tawse On My Hands - : 1. 2. 3. About US| Contact us| Privacy Policy| License Agreement ...…/?q=Leather Tawse On My ...
  3. The History Of The Lochgelly Tawse Page 1 - Memories

    John J Dick Leather Goods, Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland. Purveyors of hand crafted leather goods and leather giftware to shopsand businesses in ...…ly-tawse-memories.html
  4. Wellred Weekly: Vol. 1, No. 4 - In Praise of the Tawse

    In Praise of the Tawse. ... And so began my love affair with leather. ... I still find it difficult to hold out my hands for more strokes, ...
  5. Shifting Hands : I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse Story ...

    Shifting Hands : A true, personal ... I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse. ... particularly so if it was about a leather a hand that had just received a ...…/Recollect-And-Impact...
  6. School Corporal Punishment: The Tawse - Network54

    Has any one experienced the tawse applied to the hand...male or female pupils. How ... Administering the leather tawse to the palms of outstretched hands was normal ...…504099/last-1292186968/The Tawse
  7. Shortbread & Ginger: The Dreaded Tawse!

    Looks just like a piece of leather and officially called the tawse, ... Fife was the place for producing the tawse. ... slapped over my hands with ...…readed-tawse.html
  8. The Cane and the Tawse in Scottish Schools - Corporal punishment

    ... teachers themselves used the tawse on the hand, ... "It is almost fading away in any case because of the difficulty in obtaining the special leather.
  9. "I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse" - Experience Project

    ... you can do so in such a way that the strap curls around and hits the back of the hand as well. There are excellent leather ... the tawse was pretty ...…act-Of-The-Tawse/1742505
  10. scottish tawse in action | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    scottish tawse in action Scots over 40 will surely remember this. I know I did !! Don't remember any teachers like this though !! Done. 143,128 views.
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