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  1. Gay Pissing Men

    Gay Pissing Men. What it sounds like, NSFW 18+. Seattle, ... Archive: (Source: beaar411, via gold-on-tap) 27 Apr
  2. New York Piss - Tumblr

    I'm sharing hot pics and videos of piss play. If you're in the city and want to play, get in touch. newyorkpiss. New York Piss ... Ultralite Powered by Tumblr ...
  3. Tumblr - Dudes in Pissed Pants

    ... Movies, Porn, Music Videos & TV Shows Just a place for me to enjoy seeing hot, fit men piss ... Tell me about the last time you pissed your pants, dude. Show me ...

    i am a gay---bottom--pig-- faggot--bitch--bastard-- cum--cock--piss--slave ! i am a cocklover! i am a cumeater! i am a ass hole! i am a ass rimmer! man & cock is my god!
  5. Gay Pissing Men

    What it sounds like, NSFW 18+. Seattle, 23 and love pissing cocks. 14 Apr. pissdrink: When you run out of beer. ♻️
  6. Piss

    There's nothing better than seeing men pissing and getting pissed on. Definitely NSFW (unless you work as a pissboy). Posts are reblogged and assumed to be public domain.
  7. Pissing Men - Tumblr

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna
  8. Showmethepissingdicks

    NSFW 18+GAY for GAY NO MINORS#cankeepitout #sneakymushroomPUBLIC PENISSNEAKY MUSHROOM PISSING ... // ... for guys ... ...
  9. Urinal Men - Tumblr

    Urinal Men. Likes; Archive ... pissdrinking: Are you thirsty? For MORE hot pics, gifs and videos, follow: http://pissdrinking.tumblr ... So be careful who you piss ...
  10. Men at Urinals - Tumblr

    menaturinals. Next; Men at Urinals Ask SUBMIT PHOTOS/VIDEOS DICK & FACE Next page Archive
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