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  1. Short Trousers - Circle of Moms

    short trousers - because my 15 ... 15 year old son has been behaveing badly im makeing him go to school in short pants, ... understand what the punishment in that is ...
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    Search related to Punished In School Short Trousers. School Punishment By Cane. Punished By Parent Now Back In Short Trousers. Corporal Punishment In Schools.…ges&q=Punished In School...
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    Boys punishment short pants? In brief, they are (usually very brief & snug) ... School Uniforms; Shopping; Women's Clothing; Wool; Home. New questions; Recent site ...…px\?q=Punished In School...
  4. Punished In School Short Trousers - Search by

    short pants, or velvet fabric was ... and the punishment even ... A dummy or pacifier would also be employed by lady school teachers to subdue ... ...…arch.aspx?q=Punished In ...
  5. Boys short pants discipline -

    ... the assocation of short pants or short trousers & the idea of making boys ... standard regimen practice at some schools ... punishment short pants ...
  6. Punished In School Short Trousers - Search

    Search the Web for School Trousers. Short Trousers: Cheap - Big Savings for Short Trousers.…nished In School Short Trousers
  7. British Discipline :: View topic - Put back in short trousers

    Now I couldn't wait to get out of short trousers at Grammar school ... Did anybody else suffer the humiliation of being put back in short trousers as a punishment ...…ic.php?t=1832&view=next
  8. Schoolboy shorts as punishment | SINPF

    ... even over short trousers ... English boarding school, spanking punishment, regulation uniforms, school boy discipline Grey Shorts ...
  9. Grey Flannel Shorts : I Love School Shorts Story & Experience

    My first pair of school short trousers I bought in New Zealand on a ... I too relate these to corporal punishment which at school was slipper regularly ...…ove-School-Shorts/728795
  10. Due Punishment | Stuart's Short Trousers

    Due Punishment. One day my grandson came home from school, and said, “Grandpa, today in school I was punished for something that I didn’t do.”
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