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  1. Etsy

    Etsy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. These items cover a wide range, including…
  2. She Made Me

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  3. Wife Made Me Do It | BigCloset TopShelf

    My Wife Made Me Do It My New Life By Terry Hansay ... Yes, she made me wear 3" high heels. Now I was real nervous, are we going out?…elf/fiction/25166/wife-made-me-do-it
  4. My cosuin made me wear her clothes -

    My cosuin made me wear her clothes 2008-02-05 20:18:45. So yeah. Shes only 15.... it was last weekend. I went to her house with my dad and she is pretty cute and shit ...
  5. Netscape Love - CompuServe

    Then, she made me wear her string bikini. Then she helped me put on the mini-skirt, and she told me I needed to wear her thigh-high fishnet stockings.…confession=1556
  6. My girlfriend made me wear her panties | IGN Boards

    ... > My girlfriend made me wear her panties > ... Cause now shes happy, and when shes happy she makes me happy, (if you know what i mean =D)…girlfriend-made-me-wear-her-panties...
  7. caught | Crossdressing in My Girlfriend's/Wife's Clothes ...

    Years later she caught me wearing her bra and a ... I have a female partner who let's me dress as a woman and make love to her dressed. She also let's me sleep fully ...…08542@N23/discuss/72157621793975277
  8. My Wife Made Me Her Bitch - Loving Wives -

    My Wife Made Me Her Bitch ... Once she asked me if I wanted to wear her panties and bra during sex, which I thought was pretty weird, so I declined that offer.

    EMBARRASSING MOMENTS ... I wish they had "made" me wear the ruffled ... And then she made me take the basket full of wet lingerie out to the clothesline and hang ...
  10. She is my husband ! - Scribd - Scribd - Read books ...

    He joined his wife in their bedroom. She had undressed and was wearing one of her prettiest nightdresses. ... She is my husband! by 206jenny. 160K views. Embed.
  11. Wife Or GF Know | Crossdressing in My Girlfriend's/Wife's ...

    ... my wife knows and even encourages me to do so. At the beginning she told me to wear them in her absence, but now she is proud to see me routinely wearing her ...…08542@N23/discuss/72157622428788410
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