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  1. Search - Tawse On Crossed Hands In Schoolhouse

    Search related to Tawse On Crossed Hands In Schoolhouse. Leather Tawse On My Hands. Praying Hands Cross…mages&q=Tawse On Crossed...
  2. Land Of The Lochgelly Tawse. The Question Of Training And ...

    Land Of The Lochgelly Tawse. The Question Of Training And Technique. It always struck me the different way women teachers coped with administering ...…act-Of-The-Tawse/1742505
  3. Search - Lochgelly Tawse Crossed Hands - Mobilda

    Search related to Lochgelly Tawse Crossed Hands. Lochgelly Tawse. Leather Tawse On My Hands…gelly Tawse Crossed Hands
  4. The Lochgelly Tawse [Archive] - Bob Dunsire Bagpipe Forums

    [Archive] The Lochgelly Tawse History, Tradition, Heritage ... After each whack of the belt you crossed over your hands for the next one.…chive/index.php/t-82250.html
  5. Tawsed school >> tawsed schoolgirls -

    Tawsed school. schoolgirl hand tawse, tawsed school, tawse in action, ... schoolgirl tawse hang clips. tawse on crossed hands. marijuana statistics charts table.
  6. M C Customs - Hand crafted tawses, straps and paddles

    The tawse was applied along the length of ... Another advantage of the 'crossed hands' method is that there was a lessening of the tendency to pull the hands away ...
  7. Head's learning log: Life beyond the belt

    ''Smiling approvingly to herself at the effect of only two strokes of the tawse on ... The tawse whacked into her stinging hand ... cross with our class ...…fe-beyond-belt.html
  8. Scottish Celebrities at School - TopCities

    Scottish Celebrities at School The traditional implement used in Scottish schools was the tawse/belt, administered to the outstretched palm of the misbehaving pupil.
  9. GrahamsPics - The Spirit of Leithers

    The School Belt or the Tawse. Let your grandchildren view this and see what they think.. It features an ... School & Holy Cross ... STUFF CLOSE AT HAND ...
  10. Shifting Hands : I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse Story ...

    Shifting Hands : A true, personal story from the experience, I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse. I recall being summoned before the class to be strapped ...…act-Of-The-Tawse/2646710
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