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  1. "I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse" - Experience Project

    I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse. ... Here the teacher would open your jotter and instruct you to hold out your crossed hand for punishment.…ect-And-Impact-Of-The...
  2. Shifting Hands : I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse Story ...

    Shifting Hands : A true, personal story from the experience, I Recollect And Impact Of The Tawse. I recall being summoned before the class to be strapped ...…act-Of-The-Tawse/2646710
  3. Wellred Weekly: Vol. 1, No. 4 - In Praise of the Tawse

    In Praise of the Tawse. ... the second-hand straps - known as the Lochgelly tawse after the small industrial town in the Kingdom of Fife ... She crossed to her ...
  4. Tawse - Pulp.Net

    Then he came back inside and took out his tawse. ... ‘GET THEM UP. CROSSED OVER. TWELVE O’CLOCK.’ ... Tiny metal hands bent all askew, paper thin, ...
  5. tawse on Pinterest | Femdom, Geography Test and Schools

    Crossed hands for the belt or the tawse. More. To, Crossed Palms, Belt, Change Hands, Tawse Landing, Palm Punishment, School Spankings. 1 Like. Saved by. Ralph ...
  6. School Corporal Punishment: The Tawse - Network54

    Has any one experienced the tawse applied to the hand ... palm of the hand but I have seen it delivered the length of the hand, one hand on the other or hands crossed.…504099/last-1292186968/The Tawse

    Generally, however, the tawse in Scotland was given on the hands, often - contrary to the usual practice with the cane in England - in front of the class.
  8. Punishment by cane or tawse on the hands. - Mistress Adira

    Cross Dressing. En Femme Outings; Forced Feminization; Transformation. Angela’s Story; Postcript; Discipline. ... Punishment by cane or tawse on the hands.…nt-by-cane-or-tawse-on-the-hands
  9. School Corporal Punishment: Tawse - Network54

    As a child in Scotland the Tawse was used regularly and ... Her skirt was pulled up to reveal her bare legs and she was made to hold her hands out above legs (cross ...…1273923631/last-1281036458/Tawse
  10. scottish tawse in action | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    scottish tawse in action Scots over 40 will surely remember this. I know I did !! Don't remember any teachers like this though !!
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